James Shirley. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

James Shirley

(September 1596 – October 1666) English dramatist.

"Claims a place among the worthies of this period, not so much for any transcendent genius in himself, as that he was the last of a great race, all of whom spoke nearly the same language and had a set of moral feelings and notions in common." Charles Lamb

James Shirley, 1596-1666, was one of the chief dramatists of the Caroline period, and also a prolific author of masques, poems, and grammars. He is today taken to bridge the space between Jacobean and Restoration drama, and is valued for his representations of courtly wit and gender, and also for the proven potential of his text on the modern stage. This site reproduces Shirley's texts in old-spelling, and will work in tandem with the forthcoming modernised edition, to be published by Oxford University Press.